like a baby

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the exact words to describe my feelings towards my portfolio
just like my little baby
months of “hard”work hahahaha
so nice to see it being printed, compiled and submitted

now i finally got it back and its at home to stay
everytime i look at it i feel so accomplished hehe

good comments and praises never fail to boost one’s morale :)

the last one..

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its a happy-and-sad thing to announce that this module has officially ended for me…

chionging the portfolio was tiring yet fun
something different from books book books and readings
enjoyed soaking myself in all the colours, they did make me a tad happier :D
it even taught me to self-teach photoshop which i use to abhor but now acquainted with haha

thanks to all those that have contributed (my models!), commented or even took a glance at my work
ahhh how it feels to be a creative….

nm2208, worth taking :P

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sigh so tiring…..

must finish everything soon soon sooonnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

final assignment 6: story book in progress

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this assignment is quite a killer
with so much things to do with so little time

and its not exactly the best when you contradicting opinions about how your work should turn out
to be bluntly honest, yes my group has indeed some discrepancies and disagreements, preferences clashes
art is so bloody subjective (forgive my choice of words)
and it can be frustrating when things don’t go your way

thats why this post serves as a reminder to self to always self-check and find a way somehow to work out a compromise.
for now I’m quite relieved we found some consensus on our current work

apart from this little hiccup
things look fine. all we gotta do is speed up colouring and finish on time.
quite looking forward to seeing the final product

final assignment 6: my storybook idea

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Yay its the last assignment!

Heres my rough storybook idea:

  • young dog newly adopted and brought to town
  • after few days of playing and mixing around, young dog was told not to go near the dark and old-looking corner house as there is a “monster” there and all the dogs in the neighbourhood are afraid of it
  • young dog does not believes in monster so one day he decided to explore the house
  • while exploring, young dog suddenly saw a pair of fierce looking eyes from afar and heard a very deep growl
  • young dog got scared and ran home
  • young dog though scared but still very curious, decided to find company to visit the house again
  • and this is the part i’m not so sure yet but the main gist of the story is that the young dog and his friend somehow visits the house and discovered that the “monster” was actually an old and lonely bulldog, who got abandoned when his owners shifted away without him because he was turning old and not as cute as he was before
  • so the young dog and his friend companied the old bulldog and brought him laughter again until he died

and these are the sketches of my characters:
confirmed dogs

the sketches of the rest
trying to draw the cutest dog!
dog sketches

thinking of a story idea for ages 6 to 9 is not as easy as i thought it was
there are a lot of things to consider
such as if my story was to “chim” or too simplified
how to link the whole story without being too clich├ęd
(although i think my story is still quite cheesy haha)

assignment 5: its a colourful world

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ok i admit i finished the poster and this postcard all today
but for the sake of categorization, i’m posting them in 2 different posts.

so here’s the postcard i’ve been working on!
ii love the colourful colorful look
pretty pleased with the results!
which makes me indecisive to choose THE ONE.

music fest collage
music fest collage 3

the back:
postcard back design

i found a program online which could do awesome collage!
so i tried out one more…
music fest collage 2

pretty neat i must say :)

oh yea, since i’m finally free (too free now actually)
i’ve scanned and upload my brainstorming too..
music fest drafting

assignment 4: poster in the making

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hello there,

sorry my poster took so long to be uploaded
blame those nasty mid sem tests and assignments….

anyways those are over
and here is my active aging poster!
its not fully completed though
i need to find more time to do a background for it

meanwhile, im quite happy with it
what do y’all think? :P

active aging ad